Michael Rapaport Threatens to ‘Hog Tie’ ‘Pig Dick Donald’ and Toss Him Out of the White House (Video)

Actor’s latest rant addresses fears that Trump will refuse to concede the election

Michael Rapaport Threatens to 'Hog Tie' 'Pig Dick Donald' and Toss Him Out of the White House (Video)
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Michael Rapaport had a special message on Friday to put anyone at ease who fears that, should Donald Trump lose the election to Joe Biden, he might barricade himself inside the White House and refuse to leave.

“A lot of people are saying, ‘Oh, what are we gonna do if he doesn’t leave the White House?’ This is what we’re gonna do,” the “Prison Break” actor said in a video posted to his Twitter page Friday.

“This is what we’re gonna do, pig dick Donald. You’re gonna sit down, you’re gonna shake hands with President Joe Biden, just like Barrack Obama did with you despite the fact that he could smell your infection right in his face. You’re gonna sit down, okay? You’re gonna shake f—in’ hands. And if you don’t wanna shake hands, then what we’re gonna do is, we’re gonna ask you to leave the White House. They’re gonna give you a time, they’re gonna give you a place, and you’re gonna get the f— out. And if you don’t get the f— out, that’s when we bring in the zip ties.”

You heard that right. And the actor’s rant gets even wilder from there.

“We’re gonna bring in the zip ties, we’re gonna hog-tie you, we’re gonna stick a f—in’ apple in your mouth, and we’re gonna toss you right the f— out on the street — right outside of the White House on Black Lives Matter plaza,” he continued, “Don’t worry about it, this guy’s not tough. This is a draft-dodging, two-bit, low life, three-card Monte playing pimp. This is not a tough guy. You get the f— out when we tell you to get the f— out. Otherwise, you get hog-tied and tossed the fuck out like a big f—ing bag of f—ing trash.”

Friday’s rant was just the latest from Rapaport, who in addition to being known for roles on shows like “The Big Bang Theory,” “Friends” and “Atypical” also has a well-known penchant for colorfully-worded political rants.

Watch the full video below.


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