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Michael Rapaport Goes on Epic Vent After ‘Seven Days in Twitter Jail’ (Video)

”Atypical“ star says he was given a week-long time-out after insulting a Fox News reporter

Michael Rapaport is a free man on Twitter again — mouth included.

“Atypical” star Rapaport went on another one of his trademark vents on Wednesday, after spending what he characterized as “seven days in Twitter jail.”

“I’m back F===o’s. @Twitter you tried to break me,but I can do 7 Days in Twitter jail standing up on my head. #disruptivebehavior,” the actor/podcaster/author wrote.

In an accompanying video, Rapaport said that he had just come off of a seven-day Twitter suspension, suggesting that it was because he had criticized a Fox News personality.

“I’m back! I’m f—ing back! I just did seven days in the can, seven days of suspension on Twitter, but I’m back, f—os! Oh, yeah; I learned my lesson — if you can’t do the crime, don’t do the f—ing crime. You can look up all sorts of porno, all sorts of violence on Twitter, OK, but if you insult a Fox News reporter, you’re f—ed,” Rapaport said.

“That’s right; Twitter is a playground of debauchery. There’s a lot of fantastic, positive things also … but if you talk out of turn to a Fox News reporter, you’re gonna do some f—in’ time in the hole,” the actor continued.

Rapaport didn’t elaborate on the specific transgression that earned him the time-out. However, last week, Rapaport went in on Fox’s Laura Ingraham, after she said that NBA player LeBron James should avoid talking politics, saying that James and fellow basketball star Kevin Durant should “shut up and dribble.”

In a video posted on Instagram Sunday, Rapaport warned his followers, “I’m apologizing in advance. I know this is going to offend some women but I have to do it.” And he proceeded to cuss out Ingraham, saying, “Your Lord and Savior Donald Trump wouldn’t even grab you by the p—y”… among many other crude insults.

“But I’m a new man, oh yeah, I’m a new f—in’ man — I learned my lesson, you fucking broke me. You f—ing broke me, seven days without my f—ing Twitter,” Rapaport continued in Wednesday’s video. “But I’m back, the champ is back, and I ain’t going anywhere now.”

Watch Rapaport’s latest bout of sharp-tonged venting in the video.