Michael Rapaport: Trump Inauguration Performers ‘Should Be Ashamed’ (Exclusive)

“He’s not gonna get any real talent to perform”

Michael Rappaport

Donald Trump’s team isn’t having the easiest time booking A-list talent for his inauguration — and Trump critic Michael Rapaport says anybody who takes the job “should be ashamed of themselves.”

“I wouldn’t do it for money,” Rapaport told TheWrap. “Trump has no flavor. His supporters have no flavor.”

He listed acts who could be up for the job: “Reuniting the cast of ‘Hee Haw’ would be a sufficient performance. The KKK Barber Shop Quartet maybe?”

The host of the Play.it’s “I Am Rappaport: Stereo Podcast” also had another idea: “He should skip [the] party and get to work.”

Rapaport said Trump may end up taking that advice not because he wants to, but “solely because he’s not gonna get any real talent to perform.”

TheWrap reported Wednesday that Trump’s team offered ambassadorships to at least two talent bookers if they could deliver A-list singers. The bookers, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said they were approached by members of Trump’s Presidential Inaugural Committee in recent weeks with offers of cash or even plush diplomatic posts in exchange for locking in singers.

“Doesn’t Antonio Sabbato Jr. sing? Get him,” Rapaport said. Sabato spoke at the Republican National Convention over the summer.

Rapaport has been outspoken against Trump and recently rejected the phrase “alt-right,” saying members of the movement could more accurately be described as “racist pricks,” “Nazi c–suckers” and “scumbags.”

When asked about the alt-right, Trump told the New York Times, “I disavow the group,” but it hasn’t helped him land any A-list stars for his Jan. 20 inaugural events.