‘Live’ Misfire Apology from Michael Strahan to Kelly Ripa

Cohosts talked over the weekend as daytime host drama unsettled network brass

kelly ripa, michael strahan

Kelly Ripa has heard a lot of “I’m sorrys” in recent days, including from her cohost Michael Strahan.

Ripa, star of ABC’s morning chat show “Live with Kelly and Michael,” is due to return to the program Tuesday after sitting out most of last week. She was said to be upset that she was kept out of the loop for the network’s plan to switch Strahan to “Good Morning America” later this year. On Friday, staffers received an email from Ripa saying that she would come back to work on Tuesday.

In the meantime, she got apologies from Strahan and ABC boss Ben Sherwood, among others, for how the “GMA” affair was handled and for not telling her sooner.

“They talked over the weekend,” a source close to the show, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said of Ripa and Strahan. “I think Kelly appreciated the apology.”

Tuesday morning, it may be Ripa’s turn to apologize. The cohost intends to say she’s sorry to fans who were puzzled by her absence and the attendant backstage drama, according to the insider.

Fans of the cohosts may want to savor their remaining days together. Buzz on the “Live” set is that Strahan’s exit, initially timed for sometime this summer, could happen as early as next month, to take advantage of the May “sweeps” ratings period.