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The Michaele Salahi Situation: TMZ Goes Wall-to-Wall on Coverage

The coverage hasn’t quite gone to the Charlie Sheen level, but TMZ’s 4 posts in the last 12 hours is sure gettin’ there

Don't stop believin' … in search traffic!

Mining a rather sordid D-list celebrity story for every drop that's in the milkshake, TMZ has posted no less than four updates over the last 12 hours on runaway Real Housewife Michaele Salahi, her new Journey-guitarist boyfriend, and the sad soon-to-be-ex-husband she dumped last weekend, Tareq Salahi.

Of course, it's guilty-pleasure-level consumption, but no one makes this stuff as irresistibly delectable as TMZ.

Here are the highlights:

>> In taking the next romantic step with Michaele Salahi, Journey's Neal Schon seems to have laid waste to his own marriage — of two whole months! — to 1986 Playboy Playmate Ava Fabian. "This is very painful for me. I'm very hurt," she told TMZ.

>> Salahi is so tight with the band these days, she even took the stage for a Saturday Journey performacne in Tampa, Fla. TMZ has pictures.

>> Tareq Salahi is convinced that Schon and his estranged wife are messing with his head. He says he received a series of four prank phone calls between 3 a.m. – 4 a.m. Sunday morning. A source told TMZ the calls had the same Oregon caller ID marks that were on display when Michaele Salahi called him earlier in the week. Oh, and there was party going on in the background.

>> Tareq Salahi showed up for the bankruptcy auction of his Oasis Vineyards, buying back some of the winery's equipment with hopes of getting it back up and running, TMZ reported.

"If there's one thing he needs," the site snarked, "it's lots and lots of wine."