Michelle Fields Rejects ‘Trump Shill’ Greta Van Susteren’s Free Legal Advice

Former Breitbart reporter may file a civil lawsuit against Donald Trump’s campaign

Michelle Fields, the political reporter for Breitbart who alleges she was manhandled by Corey Lewandowski, the campaign manager for the Trump presidential campaign.

Former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields declined the advice of Fox News host Greta Van Susteren by calling her a “shill” for Donald Trump’s campaign late Wednesday. Fields’ comments came in response to the “On the Record” host’s recommendation that she withhold filing a civil defamation lawsuit against either Trump or campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

Van Susteren offered Fields “free legal advice” on her website, saying, “Anyone encouraging Michelle Fields to bring a civil law suit is not doing her a favor. She does not want to take the stand in a civil case, subject to rigorous cross examination, that is likely to be on television to discuss a case that the DA won’t prosecute because he does not believe the evidence shows assault. Yes, the burden of proof is less in a civil case, but she is just not going to win and it will be expensive and a heartache. Even if one can win, it is not always worth it.”

Van Susteren added that she is not “for” assault, but simply knows the court system.

“I think I’ll pass on getting legal advice from a Trump shill. Thanks tho,” Fields tweeted.


Lewandowski, the Trump campaign manager who last month came under fire for an altercation with a female reporter at a Trump press conference in Florida, will not be prosecuted for the alleged incident, Politico reports.

Fields claims Lewandowski caused bruises on her arm when he grabbed her and pulled her away from Trump at an event in Jupiter, Florida. Trump has defended Lewandowski in the alleged incident.