Michelle Obama Challenges Ellen Degeneres to #GimmeFive Dance (Video)

The First Lady was promoting her newest healthy lifestyle initiative as part of the Let’s Move campaign

It takes a lot of guts to challenge Ellen Degeneres to dance, but first lady Michelle Obama did just that during her fourth appearance on the comedian’s daytime talk show.

Obama promoted her #GimmeFive campaign — an Let’s Move initiative that challenges people to give her five ways they are leading a healthy life — and challenged Degeneres to learn the new Gimme Five dance, in the process.

Degeneres, well known for her dance skills, said she had been practicing the new dance, but that she is “more of a freestyle dancer.”

Nevertheless, Degeneres and Obama took to the dance floor alongside the “So You Think You Can Dance” All Stars. Despite a false start due to a downed mic pack, both women seemed to have the Gimme Five down pat.

The first lady’s appearance on the popular daytime show coincided with her husband, President Barack Obama, visiting “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

Obama’s episode of “The Ellen Degeneres Show” will air on Monday, but you can watch the video here.