Michelle Obama Surprises Fans on Jimmy Fallon (Video)

The First Lady surprised people who came to Fallon’s studio to make goodbye videos for her

Michelle Obama was the guest on last night’s episode of “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon,” so of course Fallon was going to ask the outgoing First Lady to do something silly.

What you may not have expected was for that silly prank to be incredibly heartwarming.

Following President Barack Obama’s farewell speech on Tuesday night, Fallon invited people to come and record thank you messages for the First Lady. Then, when they were finished, Michelle popped out from behind a curtain to surprise them.

There were certainly a lot of tears in the studio, as well-wishers thanked the First Lady for her philanthropy work and for being an inspirational figure.

One woman mentioned that she worked at an organization that provided computers to underprivileged students and schools, and that she would love to work for Obama one day. Other messages were a bit more lighthearted, like one who brought up how Obama beat Fallon in a dance-off during a previous “Tonight Show” appearance.

But there were also surprises for Obama as well. She recognized one well-wisher as one of her classmates from her college days at Princeton, and broke out into a “Tiger! Tiger! Tiger!” chant as a callback to their youth.

Check out the heartwarming moments in the clip above.