Michelle Williams Channels Monroe in ‘My Week With Marilyn’ Trailer (Video)

Plenty of actresses have played the "Some Like it Hot" icon, but will gentlemen prefer the "Shutter Island" star in the role?

"Shutter Island" star Michelle Williams takes on the dicey task of playing iconic, ill-fated starlet Marilyn Monroe in the upcoming film "My Week With Marilyn."

Based on two books by British writer and filmmaker Colin Clark, the movie chronicles the tension between Sir Laurence Olivier and Monroe while filming 1957's "The Prince and the Showgirl."

It's a role that many actresses have taken on before, with varying degrees of success. Where will Williams fall along the spectrum of high-profile Marilyn Monroe impersonators? Check out the new trailer for the movie and make your predictions accordingly.

"My Week With Marilyn," which co-stars Emma Watson, Kenneth Branagh and Julia Ormond, hits theaters on Nov. 4.