Michelle Williams Admits She Still Has Not Seen ‘Manchester by the Sea’ (Video)

“I don’t want to cry in front of a crowd,” actress sheepishly tells TheWrap

Michelle Williams is a little ashamed.

She has a key role in the critically acclaimed drama “Manchester by the Sea,” but the three-time Oscar nominee admitted to TheWrap during a recent interview, “I haven’t seen the movie.”

The film is by writer-director Kenneth Lonergan and stars Casey Affleck as a man dealing with the loss of a loved one and the toll it takes on those around him. It is already getting awards season buzz and has a near-perfect 99 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

It’s a rather forlorn relationship drama, garnering the reputation of being an indie weepy — which may explain why Williams still hasn’t seen it.

“It’s a funny thing,” she said sheepishly. “So, I haven’t seen the movie. I will see the movie. I want to see the movie. I’m going to see the movie,” she told TheWrap. “I keep asking for a DVD of the movie,” she added, dipping her head in apparent, comical shame. “I wanna see it! It’s a really overwhelming experience to watch yourself and to watch people that you know,” Williams explained.

“I don’t want to cry in front of a crowd. I also don’t want to cry by myself in an empty screening room. I want my best friend to come over. I wanna hold hands. I wanna cuddle on the couch,” she described as the proper scenario in which she wants to view the drama about broken relationships.

Making the movie “was an intense emotional experience,” she said, adding, “I gotta get ready for it.”

The Roadside Attractions drama had a strong limited opening, earning last weekend’s largest per screen average of $60,308.

Lonergan also wrote and directed the widely lauded 2011 drama “Margaret.” And he wrote the screenplay for Martin Scorsese’s “Gangs of New York” and the Robert De Niro comedy “Analyze This.”