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Michelle Wolf Compares ICE to ISIS in Fake Recruitment Sketch (Video)

”We accept all levels of experience and education, from low to very low,“ Wolf says in comedy sketch playing Department of Homeland Security secretary Kirstjen Nielsen

Michelle Wolf mocks the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Sunday’s episode of her Netflix show “The Break” in a sketch that compares the law enforcement agency to the terrorist organization ISIS.

The sketch shows three ICE agents talking about the values of the institution by starting off sentences with the phrase “ICE is,” but it quickly becomes clear that all of their statements also apply to ISIS.

The sketch rips ICE for the practice of deporting people for minor legal infractions and the Trump administration’s policy of separating children of immigrants from their parents when they cross the U.S. border.

“I joined to capture those MS-13 animals who are infesting America,” one recruit said — referencing the gang Donald Trump has brought up in many speeches — as video of an ICE agent tackling a dummy dressed as an elderly man with a walker played. “I haven’t seen any yet, but I’ve heard about them.”

Another agent argued that ICE should be abolished because the agency was founded in response to the September 11, 2001 attacks and isn’t being used to fight terrorists, as originally intended.

“We’re an age-old American tradition dating back to 2003,” one agent said. “So slightly younger than that curly haired-kid on ‘Stranger Things,’ Gaten Matarazzo.”

“That sounds Italian,” another agent added. “We’re not deporting those guys — yet.”

Playing the role of Homeland Security secretary Kristjen Nielsen, Wolf said, “It’s popular nowadays to say ICE is bad. But there’s no better representation of American values right now than ICE is. And as an equal opportunity employer, we accept all levels of experience and education, from low to very low, and actively welcome those with diagnosed anger issues.”

“Take it from me…” Wolf’s Nielsen concluded, “no organization is better than ICE is.”

Watch the sketch in the video above.