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Michelle Wolf Mocks Trump’s North Korea Negotiations: Who’s the Ambassador, ‘Mayor McCheese?’

On her new Netflix show, the comedian dunked on North Korea offering to open a burger joint in Pyongyang

Michelle Wolf made a whole lot of fun of Roseanne Barr this weekend, but squeezed in a healthy dose of mocking Donald Trump as well on her new Netflix show “The Break With Michelle Wolf.”

During her opening monologue Sunday, Wolf brought up President Trump’s turbulent negotiations to get North Korea to dismantle its nuclear weapons programs and the on-again-off-again in-person meeting with the country’s leader, Kim Jong-Un. As of right now, the meeting’s on, but whether it’ll happen is anybody’s guess. Wolf joked that the only concession North Korea is seemingly giving to Trump is related to fast food.

“Were you worried you might have to stop being mad at Trump for a second and thank him for negotiating peace with North Korea?” Wolf asked during the monologue on Sunday’s episode. “Well, you might be in luck, because I’m not sure peace is going to happen!

“Right now, according to the CIA, North Korea does not intend to denuclearize, but instead — and here’s where this gets really good — instead they would open a western burger franchise in Pyongyang as a sign of goodwill,” Wolf continued. “So our negotiations with North Korea are currently at hamburgers? This is going well. Who’s the North Korean diplomat, Mayor McCheese? This is not a good offer! It’s like asking your neighbor to please turn down his music, and then he goes, ‘I don’t intend to turn down the Baha Men, but as a gesture of goodwill, I would have sex with your wife.’ ”

Wolf also mentioned Kim Kardashian meeting with Jared Kushner and Trump to discuss prison reform, but said making fun of Kardashian seemed like “an Obama-era luxury.”

“I know I’m probably supposed to go after Kim Kardashian, but I just feel like hating and mocking the Kardashians, it just seems like a very Obama-Era luxury,” Wolf said. “Like when we had nothing else to be mad about, we were like, ‘That rich lady is on TV and she has a big butt and too many sisters! How dare she! Anyway I’m going to go back to not thinking about our normal president.’ ”

New episodes of “The Break With Michelle Wolf” are available for streaming every Sunday on Netflix.