Michelle Wolf Rips RNC Ad Calling Her ‘Unhinged’: ‘Now Is Not the Time to Be Hinged’ (Exclusive Video)

And shove that whole “civility” thing up your “uneaten a–holes,” Netflix’s “The Break” host says

This week, the Republican National Committee (RNC) called “The Break” host Michelle Wolf “unhinged” in an ad that also attacked other liberal entertainers.

In her response video, which is exclusive to TheWrap, the “Late Night” alum leaned in to that label.

“Look, I could weave a few soft punchlines into a 10-minute analysis about how we can’t normalize chaos, but I don’t want to do that,” Wolf says in the video. “I’m just a vulgar, mouthy b—- who tells jokes about f—ed up sh–. Or, as the National Republic Committee called me this week in an ad, ‘unhinged.’”

Wolf was so inspired by her new label that she introduced a new segment called “Unhinged 2018.”

“Now is not the time to be hinged,” Wolf said, telling people on both sides of the political spectrum to shove their argument about maintaining civility up their — well, you get the idea.

She said to lean into Maxine Waters’ call to confront members of the Trump administration in public, but simply hurling insults isn’t enough. “You have to make sure your words are life-alteringly hurtful,” she explained. “You got to hit their deepest insecurities with the hot venom of a teenager from a broken home.”

Looking for an example?

Take Wolf’s words for Ivanka Trump: “First, call her Tiffany.” Or, see Senator Mitch McConnell at a restaurant? “Take his chair away before he can sit down and say, ‘How do you like having a seat stolen from you, you flop neck?’”

Wolf was included in an RNC ad earlier this week that featured comedians like Samantha Bee and Kathy Griffin titled “The Left in 2018: Unhinged” — Wolf was included because of her White House Correspondents Dinner set. It features a “voiceover” that is taken from former 2016 Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders’ campaign speeches. The video then proceeds to show in dramatic fashion a slew of moments from times these celebrities and talk show hosts attacked the GOP.

Watch the video above.