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‘The Mick’ Star Kaitlin Olson Broke a Rib in a Very ‘Stupid’ Way While Shooting Last Week’s Episode

”It took about eight weeks before I could sleep well again,“ she tells TheWrap

“The Mick” Season 2 ends tonight, and star Kaitlin Olson needs the break: She cracked a rib while filming last week’s episode.

“It was so stupid,” Olson told TheWrap, explaining that it happened while shooting a scene in which her character tried to save Ben (Jack Stanton) from roasting while locked in an old cop car on a hot day. “It was just throwing the rock onto the car. We just changed the camera angle so I had to walk around to a different side of the car.”

“I had to reach a little bit further to get the windshield and I smashed my rib on the front corner of the car,” she continued. “It was just the easiest, quickest little thing but it took about eight weeks before I could sleep well again.”

Sounds like Olson could have used a drink, which is perfectly in-character for her Mackenzie Molng. We asked Olson what she really drinks while filming all those booze-centric scenes.

“I just do bubbly water,” she told us. “It’s not even colored. I tried non-alcoholic beer for a while, but then you just get so bloated because you’re doing the same scenes over and over.”

“I’m very hydrated — extremely,” Olson quipped. “I’m the most hydrated woman in the business.”

“The Mick” season finale airs tonight at 9:30/8:30c on Fox. No one was hurt during the making of this one (we think).