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Mika Brzezinski Says Judge Jeanine Acted Like a ‘Mob Boss’ Lawyer’ in Interview With Trump

”It’s really troubling,“ Brzezinski says on ”Morning Joe“

“Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski took a swipe at Fox News rival Judge Jeanine Pirro on Thursday, telling her MSNBC audience that Pirro acted like a “mob boss lawyer” during her Jan. 12 interview with President Trump.

“It’s really troubling. And I just have to say this, it’s been in the back of my mind ever since I saw that interview with Jeanine Pirro,” Brzezinski said. “It appears — some would say — that the President is doing an interview with Fox and Jeanine Pirro is acting like the mob boss lawyer here saying, ‘I sure will investigate him, sir.'”

“Isn’t the question, ‘Sir, Mr. President, are you threatening him?'” she added. Reps for Fox News did not immediately respond to request for comment.

The moment came in the context of a bombshell New York Times report yesterday from Maggie Haberman who wrote that Cohen would indefinitely delay his testimony to the House Oversight Committee — originally scheduled for next month — due to threats he and his family had received from the president and his officials.

“Mr. Cohen’s lawyer Lanny J. Davis cited verbal attacks from Mr. Trump, who had begun suggesting after Mr. Cohen agreed to testify that one of his relatives be investigated for unspecified crimes,” Haberman wrote.

In the interview, with Pirro singled out by Brzezinski, Trump cited Cohen’s “father-in-law” for unspecified crimes and Pirro even asked the president if he would be willing to name him on live television. Trump said he could not remember his name. In another interview with Jake Tapper, Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani also cited Cohen’s father in law for unspecified crimes.

“It’s about his father-in-law. We talked about Ukrainians. His father-in-law is a Ukrainian,” Giuliani said without getting into specifics. “There’s an organized crime group in Ukraine, organized crime group in Russia.”