Mika Brzezinski Wants You To Know She Still Loves Her Job at ‘Morning Joe’

MSNBC host clarifies comments to Politico that seemed to hint she was bored with the show


In case you were wondering, ‘Morning Joe’ co-host Mika Brzezinski still loves her job on the MSNBC morning show.

“I love working at my job on ‘Morning Joe,’” she tweeted. “But this moment we find ourselves in is deeply challenging and makes me more determined than ever to speak truth to power. I am very blessed.”

The message got a prompt retweet from her co-host and soon-to-be-husband Joe Scarborough.

Brzezinski’s tweet wasn’t just a casual love letter to her day job. It was clarification for a statement she previously made to politico that appeared to suggest she was bored with the show.

“Co-hosting “Morning Joe” “is a job I used to love, now it’s a job I have to do every day,” she told Politico in an interview Tuesday explaining what it’s like being targeted by Donald Trump on Twitter. “I make a point of taking days off, because I have to keep my thoughts in check. One shrill moment will be ripped on the internet. I don’t love it as much, but I feel really like, dammit, I’m going to work.”