Mike Cernovich Melts Down After Business Insider Reporter Mocks His Lisp

“I’m not sensitive about my lisp, but a lot of people are, and it’s not the type of trait people should mock,” conservative incendiary tells TheWrap

Mike Cernovich
60 Minutes

While conservative provocateur Mike Cernovich is very fond of making fun of triggered liberals, he took a page out of their book Monday, launching a fusillade of tweets and posts against Business Insider Senior Editor and MSNBC Contributor Josh Barro.

The crime? A now deleted tweet from Barro mocking Cernovich’s lisp.

“I’m not sensitive about my lisp, but a lot of people are, and it’s not the type of trait people should mock,” Cernovich told TheWrap. “Professional journalists shouldn’t be mocking those traits — at least if they want to hold court on MSNBC about how bigoted Trump and his supporters are.”

When asked if he was concerned about what are likely to be inevitable charges of being a snowflake, Cernovich said he was not.

“‘Oh Cernovich is insincere! He’s a snowflake.’ Even if true, so what?” he said, “Let’s talk about what Barro actually wrote. Does anyone in media want to defend that, especially when Barro is quick to call others bigots?”

In addition to a series of tweet like these …




… Cernovich also composed a Medium post and sent a letter to Business Insider HR — which he also tweeted.

“Barrow mocked a speech impediment I have. Engaging in such conduct, while lawful on social media, would be a violation under the American’s With Disabilities Act if done at work,” he wrote. “I demand an apology from Barro and also want to ensure your Legal and HR department have a record of this behavior, as it would be relevant in any anti-discrimination lawsuit brought against your companies. It would show that there is a culture with your company of tolerating bigotry.”


Barro apologized to Cernovich in a tweet shortly after being contacted for this story by TheWrap.