Mike Huckabee Fights With Voter Over His Duggars Defense (Video)

“You don’t know them!” former Arkansas governor tells a woman during campaign stop

Mike Huckabee got into an uncomfortable exchange with a woman during a campaign stop in Iowa earlier this week when she pressed him on his continued support of the Duggar family.

Huckabee argued with the woman for about five minutes, objecting “You don’t know them!” when she accused him of supporting child abuse.

Huckabee then said the woman was abusing “the reputation of a godly family who had been through hell.”

Huckabee has defended the family’s handling of the grim discovery that son Josh Duggar molested four of his sisters when he was a teenager. He told the woman, who said at the end of the exchange that she herself was a victim of abuse, that they were trying to weather the crisis as well as they could.

You can watch the exchange above.