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Mike Huckabee Tweets About Training Hillary Clinton’s ‘Filipino Maid’

”Bigotry is so Jesus-like,“ comments a Twitter user

Mike Huckabee took to social media on election night Tuesday to predict who Hillary Clinton might appoint as the head of the Central Intelligence Agency, and many on Twitter found it pretty racist.

“If HRC wins she will appoint her Filipino maid to head CIA,” tweeted the former Arkansas governor. “She already has access to all the secrets anyway. No need to train her.”

Huckabee was probably referring to reports that the Clintons’ maid, Marina Santos who is from the Philippines, printed out classified documents for Clinton when she was secretary of state.

Social media erupted at the former governor’s tweet calling him a “disgrace” and a “piece of s—.” Some even noted how his comments were unbecoming of a minister — which Huckabee is.

“Bigotry is so Jesus-like,” tweeted one user.

One replied to the governor with a picture of Jesus flipping the bird.

Other users couldn’t fathom how Huckabee could have ever thought himself worthy of running for president. He was a candidate in the 2008 and 2016 primaries.

“And you thought you could run for president?” asked another Twitter user.

Read some of Twitter’s angry reactions below.