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Mike Huckabee Fesses up After Trolling Obama Netflix Series: ‘I Am at the Lowest Form of Wit’ (Video)

Fox News regular lets off a litany of dad sarcasm that even makes host Stuart Varney cringe

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee didn’t think much of President Obama’s new content deal with Netflix.

During an interview on Fox Business with host Stuart Varney, Huckabee dropped some dad-level sarcasm so egregious he was forced to concede immediately afterward that he was “the lowest form of wit.”

The moment went down after Varney invited some playful speculation about what kind of content the Obama’s would produce.

“I think it’s a wonderful idea. They’re going to create a whole series of fictional content based on all the things that President Obama did to earn to Nobel Peace Prize,” said Huckabee.

“So it’s going to be an extensive series of fiction that he will be able to tout the things that justified his getting a Nobel Peace Prize two weeks into his presidency because it was based on all the things he was going to do. Since he didn’t do those things, now we’re going to see this series. It will be bigger than ‘House of Cards.'”

It was all too much for Varney, who chided his guest that such naked trolling was bad form.

“Come on governor, sarcasm is a low form of wit and you know it,” said Varney. “But you’re very good at it,” he hedged.

“I am at the lowest form of wit,” Huckabee offered in a joke/not joke sort of way.

In fact the ex-governor and two-time presidential candidate has increasingly stylized himself as a conservative Twitter comedian with a speciality for dad jokes — like this one about having a colonoscopy.