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Mike Huckabee’s Adele ‘Hello’ Parody Makes Him the Cringe Candidate (Video)

”There is just no difference between Obama and Hillary,“ the new lyrics read

Mike Huckabee is the latest to channel his inner Adele as he released a campaign video parodying the singer’s hit music video for the song “Hello.”

“Hello? Ankeny … arctic blasts, sub-zero chills, campaigning is a dream,” the modified lyrics, struggling for appropriate rhymes, read on screen. “I got frostbite, gangrene, Iowans are not for sale, they are stubborn and picky.”

The video shows several clips of Huckabee campaigning in different cities across the United States. Having won the Iowa caucuses in 2008, he makes several references to this year’s event as well.

“Hello from the caucus side, if Bernie wins I’m gonna die,” the voice sings. However, Huckebee is now polling at the bottom of the Republican field for president. 

Huckabee attempts to drive home his campaign when he says, “there is just no difference between Obama and Hillary” while playing video clips of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

“Huckabee is honest, time to board the train today,” the lyrics read.

Watch the parody video above.