Mike Tirico Signs Off From ESPN After 25 Years With Heartfelt Farewell (Video)

Don’t cry for the now-former “Monday Night Football” play-by-play guy — he’ll be plenty busy over on NBC

Mike Tirico said goodbye to his ESPN family one final time on Thursday, 25 years to the day that he started at the so-called Worldwide Leader in Sports.

“I think 25 years is something like over 9,000 days — and every one of those days, ESPN has been a part of my life,” Tirico told friend and colleague Bob Ley from Paris.

“You leave a considerable legacy,” Ley offered. The man nicknamed “The General” then brought in a number of Tirico’s local colleagues.

“Can I just say a quick ‘Thank You’ to all the people behind-the-scenes, as well as everybody on the camera?” Tirico started his sign-off. “I’ve worked with everyone: From ‘Downtown’ Julie Brown to Hubie Brown, on-camera at ESPN.”

“I just want to say ‘Thank You’ to a lot of you for letting us in your house … this has been a pleasure,” he addressed viewers directly. “I will leave here, and I’ll just be like you: I will be a fan of ESPN and enjoy everyone’s great work.”

Watch the video above.