Mila Kunis Blasts Billy Bush for Marine Ball Falsehood (Video)

“Friends With Benefits” beauty lashes out at “Access Hollywood” personality for shaky claim

Last Updated: July 15, 2011 @ 3:32 PM

Mila Kunis is definitely going to the Marine Corps Ball with Sgt. Scott Moore in November.

Chances are, she won't be setting up any appointments with "Access Hollywood's" Billy Bush anytime soon, though.

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The "Friends With Benefits" beauty lashed out at Bush during a stop on the press tour for her new film on Thursday, revealing that Bush had made up reports that she was canceling her date with Moore, who propositioned her on YouTube, due to professional obligations.

“Do not believe what Billy Bush says,” Kunis said during a press conference, with co-star Justin Timberlake at her side. “Please, I beg of you. Never did I say that I was not going. He made it up and people believed it, unfortunately."

And just to make sure that the air was completely clear on the matter, Kunis stated emphatically, "I am attending [the ball] … I accepted an invitation and I’m staying true to my word."

Bush sparked outrage across the internet earlier this week when he reported that, contrary to Kunis' vow, she wouldn't be able to attend the ball, Nov. 18 in Greenville, North Carolina. According to Bush, Kunis will be filming two movies in November, and thus wouldn't be able to make the date.

But as Kunis told reporters on Thursday, “I got permission to be released from work for the day, so I’m flying in and flying out.”

(Though it must be mentioned that TheWrap tried, unsuccessfully, for two days to get Kunis' reps to confirm that she would be going, and they refused.)

The whole saga began earlier this month, when Timberlake told Kunis of Moore's date request, which the Marine — who's currently stationed in Afghanistan — posted on YouTube. At Timberlake's urging, the "Black Swan" star declared that she would accept the date.

Timberlake has also received an invitation to the same ball, from a female Marine stationed in Virginia, but he has yet to respond.

Watch Mila set the record straight in the video.