Miley Cyrus Gets Experimentally Freaky – and Almost Naked – in ‘Bangerz’ Tour Video

Because, of course she does

Miley Cyrus‘ tongue is up to its old tricks in a new music video, which introduces her nearly-naked body to fans before coming on stage during her now-postponed “Bangerz” tour.

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The experimental video (above) was made by multi-media artist Quentin Jones, and features the 21-year-old pop star getting busy with black paint all over her body, dressed only in fishnet stockings and nipple protectors to eliminate chafing.

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The song in the video is notably not Miley’s. “Stockholm Syndrome” by 30’s featuring Zoee is the soundtrack to this particular mishmash of writhing and vogueing.

Cyrus’ “Bangerz” tour was derailed by a serious allergic reaction the singer had to medication. It’s scheduled to resume in the U.S. this August before heading overseas.