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Miley Cyrus Stages Scandalous Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky Moment During Concert (Video)

”Wrecking Ball“ songbird assumes the position in patriotic salute

Inhale for the chief, eh, Miley Cyrus?

“Wrecking Ball” chanteuse Cyrus brought a patriotic flare to her concert in Vancouver over the weekend, donning a red, white and blue costume while prancing with Mount Rushmore and the Statue of Liberty.

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Oh, and she also paid apparent homage to the Monica Lewinsky scandal by dropping to her knees in front of a guy wearing a Bill Clinton mask.

The historical moment came during a rendition of Cyrus’ hit “Party in the USA,” so there was at least a solid thematic grounding for the spectacle.

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During the performance, Cyrus also did a little booty-shaking in front of a dancer dressed as the Liberty Bell. Insert your own “crack” joke here.

Happy Presidents’ Day, everyone.