Miley Cyrus Tells James Corden She Wasn’t High at VMAs: ‘That’s Just Me’ (Video)

But weed-friendly singer admits she was “high as hell” shooting that “Wrecking Ball” video

“I truly would love to smoke some weed,” Miley Cyrus told James Corden while in the car for a “Carpool Karaoke” segment on Tuesday’s show.

But the singer surprised the CBS host by saying she wasn’t high at all at her notorious performance at MTV’s Video Music Awards. “I can’t smoke before I go on stage because I get too scared,” she said.

Corden was incredulous: “There must have been something in your system …”

“No, that’s just me,” she replied. “That’s how insane I am. That’s just normal.”

She did acknowledge that she was “high as hell” while shooting the video for her hit “Wrecking Ball” — which segued into the two harmonizing on the song (as well as some her other big hits).

It’s a good thing that the CBS host was at the wheel because Cyrus admitted she was a “f—ing” terrible driver. “All the wrecks I’ve ever had have pretty much been in my own driveway because I can’t even get out of my own driveway,” she told Corden.

Watch the video above.