Millie Bobby Brown Shares Mixed Emotions Filming ‘Stranger Things’ Season 5: ‘It Does Feel Sad’ | Video

“Every day we go on to set, we’re like, ‘It’s the last second day,’ ‘It’s the last third day!’” the actress says

“Stranger Things” actress Millie Bobby Brown shared that, while it’s been a good experience, she’s felt sad approaching the end of the Netflix tentpole series that made her a star.

Brown appeared on “Today” with Hoda Kotb to promote her new movie “Damsel” coming to Netflix on March 8, and Kotb asked her about the forthcoming final season of the Duffer Brothers’ science fiction series.

“We’re filming right now. And it feels good,” Brown shared, before getting a touch more sentimental. “It’s obviously our last season. So we’re really excited to be back together again for one last hurrah, but it does feel sad. Every day we go on set we’re like, ‘It’s the last second day,’ ‘It’s the last third day!’”

“But we’re definitely embracing it all,” Brown added, before giving a tease to her confidence in how the show’s wrapping up: “It’s really nice to be back with everyone and of course, the story is unbelievable.”

Production for Season 5 of “Stranger Things” began Jan. 8, and Matt and Ross Duffer have shared weekly updates of shooting as the final installment heads into two months of production. These episodes were initially delayed by the WGA and SAG strikes. The writers’ room for Season 5 began work in August 2022 before pausing due to the strikes.

Brown has previously expressed a desire to be finished with the franchise, in which she stars as Eleven, a young woman with psionic abilities. She was 12 years old when cast in the show’s iconic role, and she went on to produce and star in two “Enola Holmes” films for Netflix, based on the books by Nancy Springer. Her latest project, “Damsel,” is also a Netflix book adaptation, based on the novel by Evelyn Skye.

“It’s very similar to ‘Stranger Things’ in many ways. I’ve worked with green screen, so that’s not the scary part,” she said. “The scary part is playing a princess that turns into a warrior — what is the in-between and how do I get there? It was really something I’ve never done before, and very cinematic.”

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