‘Million Dollar Listing’ Star Tells Us Where to Buy a $500,000 Starter Home in Los Angeles

…and, conversely, where a $100 million price tag isn’t all that unreasonable

David Parnes
"Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles" star David Parnes

A half-a-million dollars is a lot of money — but sadly, it won’t get you much in terms of L.A. real estate these days. Still, “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” star David Parnes gave us some advice on where to buy a starter home for $500,000 in the area he knows best.

It turns out, Parnes wants you to live exactly where he did until a recent move to the Hollywood Hills.

“West Hollywood, I think, is great. I can really compare it to Notting Hill in London, which is kind of a trendy,” he told TheWrap. “Nothing’s uniform there. It’s more quirky. You see differences in architectures, you see cool restaurants, great retail on Melrose.”

Parnes highlighted the divide between Fairfax East and West in the L.A. neighborhood: “You get more the trendy stores on Melrose east of Fairfax. And then you get the more formal ones west of Fairfax. I just love everything it has to offer.”

Cool. Sold.

Now, what about the reader who has hundreds of millions of dollars to throw around? (Also, email me, you smart, cool, kind, strong, generous, and almost-surely attractive reader.)

L.A.’s hottest markets — Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, Holmby Hills and Parnes’ own Hollywood Hills — “are really the only locations that can support a $100 million price tag,” he said. You read that right, rest of the country.

Season 10 of “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” premieres Thursday at 9/8c on Bravo.