‘Million Dollar Listing’ Broker Kirsten Jordan on the 1 NYC Real Estate Pandemic Trend That’s Here to Stay

And no, it’s not fleeing to the suburbs (that’d be bad for her business)

Million Dollar Listing New York

“Million Dollar Listing New York” finally cast a female broker — just in time for the city that never sleeps to become the epicenter for COVID-19. Everything changed in Kirsten Jordan’s profession at pretty much the same time she added “reality TV star” to her resume. We all hope the latest deadly coronavirus is on the outs, but are any of its business lessons here to stay?

The biggest trends Jordan has observed — other than the flight to the suburbs, we imagine — are “the sight-unseen purchase” and the “virtual showing,” she told TheWrap.

Pressure’s on with those online house tours, Kirsten — especially when, by the very title of your show, we’re dealing with big-money properties.

Jordan, who said she foresees those trends outlasting COVID, was texting with a buyer about a sight-unseen deal during our interview (not profesh, Kirsten). “These are savvy real estate investors that are stuck in Martha’s Vineyard right now and they still want to buy this apartment,” she said.

Tough life.

In her market of New York City, home inspections are not actually all that common considering most deals are on apartments and not single family houses. That fact turns up the heat on agents — and even more on attorneys.

But Jordan isn’t worried — and neither are her FaceTime clients.

“With the right real estate agent, it’s totally fine. And with certain buildings, if you’ve already been in them or you know the developer, it also could be fine,” Jordan said. “The lucky thing about Manhattan is we have attorneys that are protecting us in these situations.”

And for Season 10, hopefully vaccine protection as well.

Jordan is described by Bravo as a powerhouse broker with a portfolio of over half a billion dollars in luxury properties. Ready to make her mark and an athlete at heart, she approaches each of her listings like a competitive sport. 

Married to a savvy Italian developer and fluent in the language, Kirsten adds a unique flair to the group with her specialty in the Italian clientele of New York City, her basic-cable bio continues.

“Million Dollar Listing New York” is produced by World of Wonder. Randy Barbato, Fenton Bailey, Tom Campbell, Nick Prescott and Kevin Maynard are executive producers.

Season 9 of “Million Dollar Listing New York” premieres Thursday, May 6 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.


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