‘Mindhunter:’ FBI Agents Meet the ‘Coed Killer’ in New Trailer (Video)

“It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission”

Have you ever been curious about what makes a serial killer tick?

In the new trailer for “Mindhunter,” the shadowy new Netfix project from David Finchr and Charlize Theron based off the book of the same name by famed FBI agent John Douglas, agents Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff) and Bill Tench (Holt McCallany) are on the search to find out why serial killers do what they do.

Set to “Psychokiller” by the Talking Heads, in this trailer, we get to see Ford and Tench meet their first interviewee: Edmund Kemper, also known as the “Coed Killer” for picking up hitch-hiking college coeds.

Ford and Tench go back and forth, worrying that their bosses won’t be too happy about their investigations–in Tench’s words: “If Shepard (Cotter Smith) finds out you’ve been interviewing the Coed Killer, he’ll flip his sh–.”

“It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission,” Ford replies.

Watch the full trailer above, and watch “Mindhunter” on Netflix October 13.