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Mindy Kaling Not Sure If Rihanna Knows Who She Is – Even After ‘Ocean’s 8’ Team-Up (Video)

If Rihanna would just text Kaling back, maybe this wouldn’t be an issue

Mindy Kaling and Rihanna were both one of Sandra Bullock’s “Ocean’s 8” ladies — but that doesn’t mean they were on the same level of importance — if you ask Kaling.

When sitting down with Ellen DeGeneres Monday to chat about the female-led addition to the “Ocean’s” franchise, Kaling talked about her co-stars, including the one DeGeneres was the most excited to hear about — the one Kaling is concerned doesn’t know she exists: Rihanna.

“She was amazing and I’m so intimidated of her,” Kaling told DeGeneres of working with the Rihanna, who plays a hacker in the heist movie. “‘Cause I feel like movie stars are here and pop stars are here,” the “Mindy Project” star said, gesturing with her hand that the songstress is so high above her.

“‘Cause they can do whatever they want and no one thinks it’s crazy or weird,” she continued. “And so when I met Rihanna, I was like, ‘Hi Rihanna. It’s great to meet you.’ And like, on the third day, I’d go up to Rihanna and be like, ‘Hey Rihanna. It’s Mindy Kaling and she’s like, ‘I know, we’re in a movie together.’ And I was like, ‘I know! But I just, like why would you remember me? You hang out with so much cooler people.’ But she remembers my name, I think, so. I think we’re good friends.”

“Except she hasn’t texted you back,” DeGeneres said, when pointing out that Kaling had written to Rihanna at her request, along with the other cast members in a group chain, a few minutes ago. “No, she has not,” Kaling said, feigning shame.

Watch the clip above.

“Ocean’s 8” hits theaters Friday.