Mischa Barton Hit With Negligence Lawsuit Over U-Haul Truck Crash

Homeowners’ association claims that former “The O.C.” actress caused nearly $27,000 in damage

Maybe Mischa Barton should have just hired a moving company.

“The O.C.” actress Barton has been slapped with a negligence lawsuit by a homeowner’s association that claims the actress crashed a U-Haul truck into its property, causing serious damage and rendering the area unsafe to occupy.

According to the suit, filed by Park Wellington Owners’ Association in Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday, Barton drove the U-Haul onto the property’s driveway on February 11 and attempted to drive under the entry way.

Unfortunately, the lawsuit says, the entry way wasn’t high enough to accommodate the truck.

“As a result of Barton’s attempt to do so, the top of the vehicle struck the overhead support beams of the entry way, causing significant structural damage to the Association’s property.

Barton’s effort to clear the entry way, the suit says, occurred despite the fact that there was a large sign stating “No Commercial Vehicles” posted at the entrance.

The suit adds that the police report on the collision indicated that Barton was driving at an “unsafe speed.”

According to the suit, the city of West Hollywood declared the site unsafe, and found the area to be “seriously damaged and unsafe to occupy.”

In all, the damage cost nearly $27,000 to repair, and Barton has failed to pony up.

The suit goes on to say that Barton claimed the truck was rented by Adam Spaw — an ex-boyfriend that Barton named in a revenge-porn case earlier this year — and provided the Association with Spaw’s insurance information. Coverage was denied when the Association submitted to the insurance company, the suit says.

“Based on information and belief, Barton was not insured to drive and did not have permission to operate the U-Haul truck which had been rented by a third party,” the suit reads.

A representative for Barton had no comment for TheWrap on the lawsuit.

Alleging negligence, the suit is asking for the cost of the repairs, and for “such other and further relief as the Court may deem just and proper.”

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.