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Miss America Kira Kazantsev Can’t Escape the Full Miss America Song (Video)

”There she is,“ the official pageant singer intones over and over as he follows the newly-crowned Miss American into her home

It’s the highlight of the night for all newly-crowned Miss Americas, as they put on that tiara and walk the stage to the lyrics that begin, “There she is, Miss America.” It can lose a bit of its luster if the song goes on and on and even follows the winner home.

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Miss New York Kira Kazantsev took home top honors this year, and she also took home a little something extra, whether she wanted it or not. Jimmy Kimmel touted that he had the exclusive extended cut of the official Miss America song, but it wasn’t what viewers might have been expecting.

The footage started off innocuously enough, with Miss America crowned and the pageant’s singer heralding her arrival on the scene with the classic tune. But then, when she walked in the door of her home he stepped from around the corner to herald her arrival.

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The song continued, chronicling her misadventures with a Hot Pocket, trying to go to bed and even brushing her teeth. Finally, she had to push him out of her house and pepper spray him, with the man singing every step of the way.

Kira Kasantzev became the third consecutive Miss New York to take the Miss America Crown on Sunday, Sept. 14.