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Miss Peru Contestants Flip the Script, Recite Stats on Anti-Woman Violence Instead of Measurements

”My name is Juana Acevedo and my measurements are: More than 70 percent of women in our country are victims of street harassment“

Miss Peru contestants used their platform to spread awareness about violence against women in their country.

During a portion of the competition when contestants typically list off their bust, waist and hip measurements, the contestants on Sunday instead opted to list statistics about gender violence in their home region.

For instance, Camila from the department of Lima introduced herself and said, “My measurements are: 2,202 cases of femicide reported in the last nine years in my country.”


Almendra Marroquín from Cañete, meanwhile, said, “My measurements are: More than 25 percent of girls and teenagers are abused in their schools.”

Bélgica Guerra of Chincha, said, “My measurements are: 65 percent of university women who are assaulted by their partners.”

And another contestant stood up and said, “My name is Juana Acevedo and my measurements are: More than 70 percent of women in our country are victims of street harassment.”


The social justice theme didn’t stop there. During the swimsuit portion of the competition, newspaper clippings were displayed behind the contestants, with headlines about violence against women.

And during the final round, contestants were asked how they would help stop femicide in Peru, as part of the larger #NiUnaMenos (“not one less”) movement started by Argentine feminists now sweeping through Latin America.

There was a #NiUnaMenos march in August, which gathered in Lima, Peru, and the movement has been pointed to by the Women’s March on Washington as inspiration.

There are also similarities to the #MeToo movement on social media, in which women share their experiences of sexual harassment in the workplace.

This stand for women comes after a recent outcrop of sexual harassment and assault allegations against prominent men in the U.S., including disgraced Fox News founder Roger Ailes and Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.