Mister Rogers Is Being Honored by Google — Here’s Why

Classic show saluted by Google on its 51st anniversary of first episode filming with an updated intro

Mister Rogers Won't You Be My Neighbor
Jim Judkis / Focus Features

Google is bringing a new generation to “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood,” with the tech behemoth honoring the iconic TV show on Friday with a new stop motion Doodle.

The reason? It’s the 51st anniversary of the first filming of Fred Rogers’ landmark show — although it didn’t end up airing until February 1968. Users will see an animated picture of Rogers above the search bar, and clicking it starts a two-minute updated version of the show’s famous introduction. Rogers waltzes through town in his trademark cardigan and tie, bringing together a diverse mix of kids as he sings “What You Be My Neighbor?” once more.

“There’s nobody else in the whole world who’s exactly like you, and people can like you exactly as you are,” Rogers says at the end of the Doodle, in a very 2018-friendly message.

The Mister Rogers Doodle on Google (via Google)

Rogers died in 2003 at the age of 74. But his legacy continues to resonate 15 years later, with a documentary by Oscar-winner Morgan Neville released earlier this year, and Tom Hanks set to portray Rogers in a 2019 feature film.

“I’m so thrilled that Google is celebrating Fred and ‘Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood’ with this charming tribute,” Rogers’ wife Joanne said in a statement to Forbes.  “This stroll through the Neighborhood is delightful, and Fred’s gentle kindness is beautifully captured in the Doodle.”