Mitt Romney Clinches the Montgomery Burns Vote (Video)

"Simpsons" villain Montgomery Burns employs Mitt Romney's dog to dispel a common misconception

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney is assembling quite the collection of supporters. Portly classic rocker Meat Loaf. Chair-haranguing actor/director Clint Eastwood. Tabloid fixture Lindsay Lohan.

And now, cartoon nuclear-energy baron Montgomery Burns has jumped aboard the Romney bandwagon.

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In a new video, the long-running "Simpsons" villain stumps for Romney and does some spin control on what might be the most damaging skeleton in Romney's closet: The anecdote about Romney strapping his Irish setter Seamus to the top of his car for a 12-hour drive during a family vacation.

Burns clears the air on this scurrilous rumor by trotting Seamus out and getting the real skinny.

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"You like to be tied to the roof of the car, because it allows you to see more of this great land of ours and its wonderful natural resources, ripe for mining and drilling and exploiting?" Burns asks the dog, to a bark that could possibly be interpreted as an affirmation.

Alas, Seamus decides to go independent.

Check out Burns' plea for a Romney presidency in the video.