‘Mixer': Young Hollywood Entrepreneurs Debut Nightlife App That Gets the Party Started Early

New app Mixer lets you start socializing with the crowd before you get into L.A. bars

Has the TiVo for nightlife arrived?

A group of young Hollywood entrepreneurs are starting to “time shift” nightlife via a new app called Mixer – Match Before You Go Out. It does just what it says it does.

Before piling into an Uber headed for an L.A. hotspot — think SHOREBar — singles can socially “pregame” the night by connecting with others who are going to the same place.

Users who match are able to chat inside the app to break the ice. Upon arriving at the venue, there is an incentive to follow through on an actual face-to-face meeting by tapping phones, which activates an exclusive promotion for the venue, ranging from a front-of-the-line entrance to free drinks at the bar.

Mixer - match before you go out app 2

Mixer’s launch party in Pacific Palisades on June 25. (Mixer-Match Before You Go Out)

“Tinder and Bumble gamified the dating experience, becoming more of a way to kill time than actually meet people,” Mixer founder and CEO Quaid Walker told TheWrap. “We are focused on allowing people to match others planning on going to the same bar tonight and use drink deals as a catalyst to in-person conversation and real connections.”


Mixer - match before you go out app 2

A Mixer mixer. (Mixer-Match Before You Go Out)

At a recent launch party at an estate in Pacific Palisades, real conversations flowed between early supporters from the glamour industries, like NBA star Baron Davis, Miss California Nadia Mejia, Romeo Miller, Alli Simpson and Coachella alum Justin Jay.

Mixer - match before you go out app 2

The founding team has industry roots.

Actor Cameron Fuller (top photo, left) of the forthcoming Ice Cube and Christina Hendricks movie “Fist Fight” is the head of User Acquisition, PR and Brand Management. (Fuller is also the son of Platinum Dunes co-founder Brad Fuller). The brain trust also includes Chief Marketing Officer Jeremy Memmi, the son of TheWrap’s Founder Sharon Waxman, and Luke Sorenson and Darryl Johnson.

Mixer covers Los Angeles with other cities o come and is available for download for iPhone here.