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MMA Fighter Mia Kang Reveals Pre-Fight Routine: ‘As Much Sex as Possible’

“When females have sex testosterone levels increase,” Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model and Muay Thai fighter says

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model and MMA fighter Mia Kang has cracked the code to a sure win in the ring: having lots of sex right before a big fight.

Kang, who is heading to Thailand to train for the next three weeks for her second professional fight, told the New York Post she likes to psych herself up before each fight by listening to ‘Girlfight’ by Brooke Valentine. She also likes to juice-cleanse, increase her cardio and one more thing.

“When females have sex, testosterone levels increase, so the recommendation is to have as much sex as possible before you fight,” Kang told the Post.

But, she was quick to note that she’s single and added, “I am not actively out there looking.”

“If I lose because I am not good, then that is fair. But if I lose because I am tired, then it’s a waste of time,” she added.

She won’t know who her opponent is until the day if the fight, she told the Post.

“But that is good because I can only focus on training. Besides, she should be afraid of me,” she said.