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‘Modern Family’ EP Danny Zuker Delivers Ultimate Trump Troll With New Book

Proceeds for ”He Started It!,“ a book about Zuker’s Twitter feud with future president, will go to Planned Parenthood

Donald Trump could inadvertently increase funding for Planned Parenthood, if Danny Zuker has his way.

Zuker, the executive producer and writer of ABC’s “Modern Family,” has chronicled his bizarre 2013 “Twitter war” with Trump in a newly released book called, “He Started It!”

And, as a last ribbing, he’s donating proceeds to three organizations whose causes have been hurt by Trump: Planned Parenthood, the World Wildlife Fund and the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services, which helps reunite separated families.

The book, co-written by author and journalist Paul Slansky (“The Clothes Have No Emperor” and “The George W. Bush Quiz Book”), is timed to boost voter turnout ahead of the November mid-term election.

“I hope it makes people angry,” Zuker told TheWrap. “That’s what I want. We have to vote.”

In the Spring of 2013, Zuker found himself in a strange and often hilarious Twitter feud with the then-reality show host. The 13th season of “Celebrity Apprentice” had just started and Trump was boasting about the show’s ratings.

“@ApprenticeNBC was first place in all demos during the 10PM hour in the ratings,” Trump tweeted.

It was a very Trump thing to do. Only one problem with that tweet… Zuker notes it wasn’t remotely accurate.

Zuker, who knows a thing or two about ratings, tweeted back: “Cool story. Here’s how you really did,” along with the actual ratings, which showed “Celebrity Apprentice” was not first… but fourth, behind CBS’ “The Good Wife,” ABC’s “Revenge” and Fox’s “Family Guy.”

To Zuker’s surprise Trump engaged.

“‘Failed show @DannyZuker’ I have never heard of you and was told you are a loser,” Trump wrote, “after reading your credits I have no question about it.”

When Trump insisted his show “was #1 in all major demos at 10,”  Zuker hit back with this gem: “The only way you could be losing ratings points faster is if you inherited them from your father.”

The heated exchange soon took a life of its own — and even received some media coverage —  with Trump and Zuker hurling insults at each other to the amazement and amusement of Twitter spectators.

When Trump thanked his “loyal fans for another great season,” Zuker suggested he “take the next 12 minutes & thank them each individually.”

“I had tweeted at him a few times, usually about his birtherism,” Zuker told TheWrap. “But it was only when I challenged his ratings that he engaged me.”

The trolling continued.

After Trump tweeted a promotional picture of his clothing line, Zuker replied with a closeup of a Trump tag that read “Made in China,” adding: “You’ve always been tough on China, sir. Particularly the children who make your sh—y clothes.”

And then there was that time when Trump called Zuker a “loser,” a word he used frequently during their back-and-forth. Zuker suggested expanding his repertoire.

“Your insults need work. Here’s one I’ve been working on: ‘Every picture of yourself is a d— pic.’ See?” he wrote.

The Twitter fight eventually came to end on July 24, 2013, when Trump abruptly blocked Zuker. But not before Zuker was able to take one last shot: “Was it something I said?”

“When you read what he said to me, nothing has changed,” Zuker said. “It was a beta test for all that was to come.”

“It’s not like he upped his game in any way. It’s all the same stuff but now instead of picking fights with comedy writers he’s picking fights with NATO.” he added.