‘Modern Family’ Star Reid Ewing Casually Comes Out as Gay on Twitter: ‘I Was Never In’

Just days after revealing his addiction to plastic surgery, sitcom actor opens up about his sexuality

Though actor Reid Ewing was praised last week for a brave admission over his plastic surgery addiction and body images issues – blink and you’d miss the 27-year-old coming out of the closet on Twitter over the weekend.

On Saturday, Ewing, best known for his role as Sarah Hyland‘s bumbly boyfriend Dylan on “Modern Family,” was watching a “Good Morning America” segment on body dysmorphia tweeting he thought the man featured in the story was “hot af,” as in hot as f–k.

The tweet prompted a fan to ask, “Did you also just out yourself?”

Ewing simply responded by saying, “I was never in.”



And just in case anyone missed it, Ewing shared this meme minutes later along with the caption, “When you’re told there is another gay coming to the party.”

Ewing opened up about his agonizing struggle with body image issues and plastic surgery addiction in a candid first-person essay last week.

The actor said he’s had numerous botched surgical procedures including cheekbone implants, a dislodged chin implant and injectable fillers like Botox all in order to “look like Brad Pitt.”

Writing for Huffington Post’s Healthy Living vertical, Ewing detailed how he moved to Los Angeles in 2008 “to become an actor and had very few, if any, friends. I’d sit alone in my apartment and take pictures of myself from every angle, analyzing every feature. After a few years of doing this, one day I decided I had to get cosmetic surgery.”

A deep-seated insecurity, on top of total isolation, led Ewing to the beginnings of body dysmorphic disorder.

“‘No one is allowed to be this ugly,’ I thought. ‘It’s unacceptable.’ … when I was 19-years-old, I made my first appointment to meet with a cosmetic surgeon. I genuinely believed if I had one procedure I would suddenly look like Brad Pitt,” he wrote.