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‘Modern Family’ Creator Steve Levitan Joins Seth MacFarlane in Being ‘Disgusted’ to Work at Fox

”This bulls— is the opposite of what ‘Modern Family’ stands for,“ Levitan says of Fox News

“Modern Family” co-creator Steve Levitan echoed Seth MacFarlane’s negative sentiment about working for the 21st Century Fox corporation, which also owns Fox News.

“I’m disgusted to work at a company that has anything whatsoever to do with @FoxNews,” Levitan tweeted on Monday night, responding to Laura Ingraham’s tone-deaf “summer camps” remark about President Trump’s child detention centers. “This bulls— is the opposite of what #ModernFamily stands for.”

Here is his tweet:

“Modern Family” airs on ABC, but it is a 20th Century Fox studio production.

“Family Guy” and “The Orville” creator MacFarlane tweeted days ago that he was “embarrassed” to work for Fox. MacFarlane was commenting on a tweet from CNN’s Brian Stelter, who noted that Fox News Channel personality Tucker Carlson told viewers on his show to not trust rival networks.

“If you’re looking to understand what’s actually happening in this country, always assume the opposite of whatever they’re telling you on the big news stations,” Carlson told his viewers last week.

That didn’t sit well with Seth.

“In other words, don’t think critically, don’t consult multiple news sources, and in general, don’t use your brain,” replied MacFarlane. “Just blindly obey Fox News. This is fringe s—, and it’s business like this that makes me embarrassed to work for this company.”

Here is his tweet: