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MoJoe’s Back! Now About Those Last Two Weeks…

An update — and some thanks — from TV MoJoe.

Well, that was fun.

Many of you know, and some of you don’t, that I’ve been largely sidelined the past two weeks due to illness. The doctors are still finalizing just what happened, but some combination of the dreaded Swine Flu and a form of pneumonia are leading suspects.

Apparently my obsessive compulsive use of hand sanitizer wasn’t obsessive or compulsive enough.

I’m not 100 percent just yet, so it’s quite possible postings will continue to be a bit less than usual the next few weeks. I’m taking it one story at a time, to modify a cliche.

A further moment of personal indulgence: I’d like to thank the numerous folks, both inside and outside the biz, who extended their well-wishes, prayers and Tweets on my behalf. They, along with the DVDs and matzoh ball soup, were very much appreciated and made a difference.

The team at the Wrap, from boss Sharon Waxman and editor Lew Harris on down, have also been amazingly supportive. Special thanks to the several Wrappers who kept TV MoJoe from becoming a barren wasteland that past two weeks.

OK, enough self-concerned blogger blather. Back to the beat …