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Mom Turns Herself Into Evil Kermit the Frog Meme (Photo)

”I honestly couldn’t say I was surprised,“ her daughter says in an interview

Most teenagers expect a stern reply from their parents when they say they won’t be home for dinner. Taylor Hannon got an imitation of a Kermit the frog meme.

The 19-year-old’s mother is not like most parents. According to Buzzfeed, 50-year-old Cheryl texted her daughter, who was out with friends, to see if she would be making it home.

When Taylor said it was unlikely that she would make it, Cheryl turned herself into a version of an evil Kermit the Frog meme to show her daughter that she probably wouldn’t interfere with her plans, but had a dark side with other thoughts.

Kermit the Frog first made the rounds as a meme in 2014, when he was pictured sipping a piping hot cup of Lipton tea and minding his business. Now two years later, he’s back again, except this time he’s returned with his evil counterpart. The new evil Kermit memes show the frog face-to-face with a dark-hooded alter ego who encourages him to do bad things.

And while social media was definitely taken by Cheryl, her daughter said she wasn’t surprised that her mom decided to turn herself into a meme.

“I honestly couldn’t say I was surprised,” Hannon told BuzzFeed. “Anyone who knows my mom knows she does things like this all the time.”

The internet was definitely here for Hannon’s cool mom.

“Please tell her she’s my favorite human being,” wrote one Twitter user.

Another social media being was so in awe with Cheryl, he asked her daughter if he could take her out sometime.