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More Adventures With America's Fave New Villain on 'Survivor'

It's just too bad the mud games didn't live up to expectations.

"Survivor" is looking even better in HD than it did last season -- are they using better cameras? Remember when Mark Burnett said he would never film in HD?


The episode opens with America’s favorite new villain, Russell, who may or may not be a rich oil man. He argues with Betsy and tells her that he’s the king and she’s the pawn; she doesn’t agree.

“Who invented loving the outdoors?” Yasmin, in one of the better quotes I’ve heard. Then, even better: “The hood’s not the woods.” She’s a poet and didn’t know it … oh!


Russell wants the immunity idol and is hoping to find it without the benefit of a clue (literally, not figuratively, though I guess either one fits here). Strangely, he finds it -- seemingly within an hour. He shares the info with Jaison. My suspicions that Russell is a network plant are reinforced.


At Foa Foa, Mike, the old guy, appears to be the on the outs if the tribe loses. For the challenge, they’re told to dress up in war paint. The challenge, for immunity and reward, looks like a basketball challenge, in mud. The men are fighting as if they’re in UFC.


Oooh, now the women get in the pit. The network censors are busy blurring out the breastesses again, which isn’t sitting well with their key male 18-49 demographic.


Jeff is unhappy with the violence and warns them that cheap shots will not be tolerated, as this may be the most violent challenge we’ve seen. Ben becomes the first person in history to be kicked out of a challenge. Sadly, seeing the women roll around in the mud isn’t as satisfying as I’d hoped.


Galu wins reward and immunity. Russell sends Yasmin to join Foa Foa to observe and report (without the help of Seth Rogen) for the Galu tribe. We’re only 25 minutes in and the immunity challenge is done. Must be a lot of drama coming up …

After commercial, the medics are attending to Mikek who is suffering from low blood pressure. Guess his heart just wasn’t in it. The medics pull him out of the game. Foa Foa is already down two.


Did they just call Shambo “Shamu?” Nice.


Shambo, please, may I suggest a one-piece bathing suit? Thanks.


Yasmin makes this really dumb speech saying that she wants to help Foa Foa, and her words aren’t winning anyone over. Russell tells the camera that she’s going to pay. Yasmin gets an immunity idol clue, but since Russ has already found it …


Now Yasmin goes after Ben for not playing nice in the challenge. Ben: “Listen here, Grammar School.” Yasmin: “Listen, Ignorant.” They continue arguing and Ben tells the camera that she’s pretty close to being a hooker.


Really? Hooker? Wow. “She is ghetto trash, plain and simple.” Russell is enjoying Ben’s poor behaviour as it bodes well for his strategy.

Ben is hammering at bamboo while everyone is sleeping. Um, why? His tribe is not happy with him. However, the tribe looks to get rid of Betsy, who pleads her case to the hot young blondes and tries to sell them on voting out Ben.


Will it be Betsy or Ben? Russell thinks Betsy, and tells us that whatever he wants, happens.

Time for tribal council, and Jeff rehashes the last 24 hours at camp. Ben, again, calls Yasmin out on her poor use of grammar and calls her ghetto trash. Betsy throws Ben under the bus and asks Jeff why she’s the only one who brought her bag. Ben then calls Jeff’s rules “sissy rules.” Pissing off the host has never fared well in previous seasons …


Anyway, time to vote.

While voting for Ben, Betsy sings the theme song from cops. How original, and not a great way to go out; the vote is unanimous tonight. The tribe has spoken, and it’s time for her to go.

Overall, a letdown episode after last week’s strong start.

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