More Comcast-NBC Shifts: A New Ad Sales Chief?

Comcast’s Dave Cassaro may be in line to run the new company’s $9 billion ad business, a report says. Is that bad news for NBC ad chief Mike Pilot?

Last Updated: December 2, 2009 @ 9:09 PM

The official launch of Comcast-NBC (or Comuversal, if you’d like) is apparently moments away, but there’s already speculation about some potential power shifts in the new company.

Comcast’s head of network ad sales, Dave Cassaro, is in line to run the whole $9 billion ad business for the new conglomerate, Broadcasting & Cable’s financial reporter Claire Atkinson is reporting tonight. The magazine didn’t report the shift as fact but said that the move is "widely expected."

B&C says a Cassaro promotion has put the fate of current NBC sales chief Mike Pilot in doubt.

Earlier this week, ABC announced the departure of its longtime ad sales chief, Mike Shaw.