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More Newspapers Endorse Candidates as Election Day Nears (Updated)

The New York Times and the Boston Globe choose Obama, Romney nabs the Detroit News and the Des Moines Register

The Northeast newspapers want Barack Obama, the Midwest's big dailies — minus those in Democrat-dominated Chicago — are pushing Mitt Romney. And there was a surprise endorsement in Mormonism's unofficial capital. 

Getty ImagesOn Monday, the Boston Globe — Romney's hometown paper that endorsed then-Republican presidential hopeful Jon M. Huntsman Jr. during the GOP primary — has again snubbed the former Massachusetts governor and endorsed Obama's reelection.

The thumbs-up for Obama came a day after the New York Times, which owns the Globe, urged readers to vote for Obama in a Sunday editorial.

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And even the Salt Lake Tribune, a paper-of-record in Utah, spurned the Republican candidate, claiming in an editorial that the Mormon Romney was a flip-flopper on core issues and endorsed Obama.

The Chicago Tribune, Obama's hometown paper, also called for another four years for the Democrat. The Chicago Sun-Times discontinued endorsements earlier this year.

But, despite the widely-expected endorsements from the Blue State broadsheets, Romney has nabbed some historic support from the Des Moines Register and the Detroit News.

The Register had not rallied for a Republican since it endorsed Richard Nixon's bid in 1972 — exactly 40 years ago.

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The traditionally conservative News thanked Obama for the auto industry bailout but said it felt Romney would focus more on repairing the economy. Romney has said Detroit's leading industry should have been left to go bankrupt.

Papers in battleground states like Ohio and Florida have been divided on candidates, and Wisconsin's leading paper, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, said it would not make an endorsement.

Updated at 7:55 p.m. ET with Chicago endorsements.