More Vivi Nevo: A Creditor From Past Calls Foul

Investment banker Lucky Christov: “I have never heard Vivi say one intelligent thing about what’s going in the world, the stock market, the economy”

Still more former friends of the mysterious media investor Vivi Nevo are coming out of the woodwork.

An investment banker named Lucky Christov reached out to confirm the “attention of a hummingbird on crack” remarks of Stan Berk, a former employer of Nevo’s, and to complain that Nevo still owes him money from an impoverished period a couple of decades back.

“I was one of the people Vivi hung out with when he came to L.A. and while engaging and sometimes fun to have around, he wound up costing me a bunch of money,” Christov wrote. “He knew a lot of young women at the time and that was OK — at the time.” 

 How’d that happen?

 “He was really poor when he was in L.A.,” said Christov, referring to the late 1980s, when both Berk and Christov first knew him. “I don’t even think he had a car.”

But Nevo was eager and engaging and kept after Christov to give him work and introduce him to people. So Christov did.

As for the money, Christov said he would loan IPO shares to Nevo, and when that stock would not go up, Nevo did not pay for the shares — leaving Christov to take the loss.

“One time he literally begged to go to Las Vegas with us (friends). He didn’t have any money, so I gave him $1,000, which he lost at blackjack. He never paid that back, either,” said Christov.

Remember, Nevo is the guy who is widely accepted as a major shareholder in Time Warner – except that no one can prove it and Time Warner won’t confirm it.

I called Nevo’s publicist, who provided this statement: “Mr. Nevo has absolutely no recollection of any loan. Mr. Christov should send the documents reflecting the so-called loan, and Mr. Nevo will deal with it immediately and appropriately.”

Christov estimated that Nevo owed him about $24,000; he said he asked Nevo repeatedly for his money back. The last time was when they were supposed to meet for lunch at 21 in New York. Christov brought up the debt; Nevo failed to show up.

Nevo declined to talk directly to TheWrap. All I really want to know is how many shares he has in Time Warner.

Those who knew him back then continue to insist that Nevo could not possibly have made a fortune in the stock market.

Christov said: “I have never heard Vivi say one intelligent thing about what’s going in the world, the stock market, the economy. So when people say he’s involved in the market, I say: I can’t believe it. He has no training for it. And ultimately I don’t know how he did it.”

So the common threads of people who knew Vivi before he was in the charmed Herb Allen circle and otherwise part of media high society are: that he had no business acumen, no money and knew lots of beautiful women.

Makes one wonder what Dick Parsons saw in him. Or maybe not.