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Morgan Freeman Launches Celebrity-Driven Brand Marketing Company

REV+5.0, a new offshoot of Revelations Entertainment, will highlight new technologies through partnerships with Hollywood celebrities and popular influencers

Morgan Freeman and Lori McCreary’s production studio, Revelations Entertainment, on Tuesday announced it was launching a new tech-focused branding and marketing service alongside marketing agency URI Global. The new company, dubbed REV+5.0, will create “high-quality branded entertainment” that features both Hollywood stars and popular influencers using new devices and technologies, according to its press release.

The game plan for REV+5.0 is to “revolutionize” branded entertainment by offering “unprecedented access to digital retargeting analytics,” the firm said, allowing clients to hit sales and branding goals. Celebrities and influencers will interact with new technologies like artificial intelligence that promise to “transform our collective futures,” while partnering with REV+5.0, the company added.

“REV+5.0 is a business model that will capture the three goals of corporate branding,” URI Global chairwoman Xochitl Hwang said in a statement. “The high-quality content will uplift brand perception amongst consumers, inspire a halo effect to bolster brand loyalty, and create opportunities for the brand to increment sales with innovative retargeting.”

Content produced by REV+5.0 will be free for consumers on social media and streaming services, the company said, as well as major and local TV networks. The firm’s marketing campaigns will be “strategically crafted” to engage specific consumers and build brand loyalty, its press release added.

Freeman and McCreary co-founded Revelations Entertainment in 1996.