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Morgan Freeman Talks About Ending the ‘War on Drugs’ in ‘Breaking the Taboo’ Trailer (Video)

The actor narrates a documentary with comment from figures like Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter about the failure of the "War on Drugs"

The U.S. government has been fighting a costly and deadly "War on Drugs" since 1971, but if the decision by voters in the states of Colorado and Washington to legalize marijuana — a Schedule 1 controlled substance — is any indication, it's fairly obvious Uncle Sam is losing.

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Morgan Freeman hopes to point out just how badly by lending his soothing voice to the documentary "Breaking the Taboo." Available on YouTube starting Dec. 7, 2012, the film tries to explain why the War on Drugs hasn't succeeded in creating a drug-free society and why it never will.

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The Hollywood star isn't the only notable name joining in on the debate either. Jimmy Carter is featured in the documentary, while Bill Clinton also gives his two cents worth. 

"If all you do is try to find a police or military solution to the problem, a lot of people die and it doesn't solve the problem," the 42nd President explains.

Kate Winslet, who was just honored by Queen Elizabeth II, has endorsed the film's message by appearing in a promo alongside Virgin's Richard Branson.

Watch the trailer below to find out exactly why all of these celebrities want to expose "the biggest failure of global policy in the last 50 years."