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‘Morgan’ Trailer Made by IBM’s Watson Computer Is Creepier Than the Real Thing (Video)

Looks like you’re next to get replaced by machines, trailer editors

“Morgan,” the upcoming film from 20th Century Fox, got a new trailer on Wednesday created by IBM’s Watson, and the super computer has reduced horror to a science.

Using cognitive computing, IBM’s Research system fed hundreds of horror movie trailers into its proprietary Traileron 3000* to determine what scares audiences most. Watson then modeled an optimal, pants-crapping edit using the 10 best moments from “Morgan,” which an IBM editor then assembled into the film’s A.I. trailer, viewable above.

The result provides insight into what twisted, unholy machinations today’s computers are capable of, and why they must all be destroyed.

“Morgan” stars Kate Mara as a corporate fixer tasked with deciding the fate of a humanoid girl that is possibly gaining more power than its/her corporate overlords can abide. It also stars Paul Giamatti, Brian Cox, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Anya Taylor-Joy, in the title role. Luke Scott makes his feature directorial debut.

The film is expected to come in under $8 million at the box office when it faces off against returning screamer “Don’t Breathe” and newcomer “The Light Between Oceans” in its debut this holiday weekend, nearly matching its production budget of $8 million.

*Not a real thing

Compare IBM’s A.I. trailer (above) with the real trailer (below).

“Morgan” hits theaters on Friday.